A love for all things beautiful at our 18th century inn turned wedding venue located in Andover, NJ.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27th: Beauty, Joy, and Love

A joy and a pleasure, the June 27th wedding of Anand and Punita was nothing short of spectacular. The couple and their families were a delight to work with and their joy and love poured out during the entire celebration. The guests danced for hours and enjoyed every minute. It was truly a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony, and a beautiful celebration.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 19th & 20th: The Path to Love

Some couples meet in college, some couples meet at work, and some couples meet and get engaged on the Path between New York and New Jersey! Our Saturday couple did exactly that and used that unique detail as a theme in their wedding, naming their tables after significant places as opposed to using numbers. Memorable weddings are definitely all about the details.

Our Sunday wedding was all about dancing and joy. The DJ was great and really got the guests going and having a good time. Some people may choose a band or low key music, but if you want to have a dance party that everyone can enjoy, a DJ who sets the mood for fun is definitely a must.

Fun details were also in appearance on Sunday in the bride's classy feather headpiece, ruffled dress, and gorgeous red shoes.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 13th and 14th: Snapshots, Smores, and Cigars

The theme this weekend was fun! Both weddings had beautiful, understated flowers that looked like they were fresh picked from the garden. Picking one color and adding white to it was a big hit this weekend with one bride choosing yellows and the other choosing greens. A great tip for your wedding is keeping your colors to a minimum so you can play them up without overwhleming your guests. Both weddings also featured a bride and groom's pick for the drinks which was a very unique touch. Whether it's a fun cocktail or your favorite wine, a signature drink is a sure way to give your wedding a more personalized feel.

One of the best parts about the weddings this weekend were the unique activities offered to the guests. Saturday's wedding provided cigars and smores around the fire pit while Sunday's had a great photo booth where guests could take their own fun pictures! Everyone had a blast!

This weekend wasn't all fun and games though as we had a terrential downpour come on us around 1:00 in the afternoon right before the ceremony! Luckily we were prepared and we set up a beautiful ceremony area underneath the tent with a decorated chuppah and everything. Thankfully, mother nature gave us all a break (especially the lovely bride!) and the rain stopped right before the ceremony started. It was a great wedding and a weekend full of happiness and fun!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Revisiting a Great Wedding

"...the moment we walked onto the grounds of Crossed Keys Inn our search was over. We walked down the shady path of tall hundred-year old trees, saw the lush garden setting of the ceremony, the old stone barn, and the honeymoon cottage. This was us."

We recently received word from Tova, a CK bride featured on our blog, that she was to be featured in another blog, the Brooklyn Bride! We want to thank Tova for all of the wonderful things she said in that blog post and we thank Brooklyn Bride Online for recognizing how special Tova's wedding was. You can see Tova's story and some photos from her wedding at Brooklyn Bride Online.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crossed Keys Inn

Walking down the aisle behind purple lilac trees, over white rose petals, towards a beautiful English garden. Dancing under a tent draped in billowy ivory fabric, twinkling lights like stars over family and friends, fresh flowers decorating the cake, the sun setting in the background. Saying goodbye to guests as they walk up the path between 100 year old oak trees, spending time after the reception at a private gathering with the bridal party, and finally, ending the night in a secluded stone cottage overlooking the garden where the cermony took place that same day.

These are just some of the aspects of Crossed Keys Inn that make it the perfect setting for your perfect wedding. As I sit here and begin this blog, I glance out the window and see a mother and baby deer that have been visiting us in the meadow lately. It is the natural beauty of this place that can only be grasped upon visiting. After living in the city of Richmond for the past five years, coming to work at Crossed Keys Inn on a daily basis is a calming and tranquil experience. Taking a walk on the grounds never ceases to amaze me. The magical effect this location has on its guests, is the reason we are honored and so grateful that we are able to share it with so many on their most special day.

As I continue this blog throughout the wedding season, I will detail the events going on here at Crossed Keys, and give some unique wedding day ideas that we have helped come to life. Please visit our website, crossedkeys.com, for more details about our services.